Maintenance of the shoes

Expert hands, precious feet.

Stivaleria Savoia guarantees a service of periodic maintenance of the shoes with a complete resoling and heeling or a simple polishing. Following this simple but precious advice for the care and daily maintenance, your shoes will remain soft, keep their elasticity and keep the right degree of brightness of the leather. We would like to sk you to follow the 10 golden rules scrupulosly set out in our vademecum.


The first rule a good maintenance is that of not wearing the shoes consecutively for more than a day, because they need to be left to rest. The shoes should be cleaned after wearing, at least by the next day and always when they are dry. It is a task which requires patience and dedication, buti t will bring more than satisfactory result and “brillant ones” when it is done carefully. It is fundamental to use beeswax cream, avoiding cover up liquids and self polishers which run the risk of ruining the shoes, covering them with a waerproof crust, which the dries the leather.


Choose the cream which is a similar color to that of the shoes, darker if one wants to accetuate the tone. Avoid neutral creams and cover up liquids and self polishers, which risk ruining the leather by covering it with a waterproof crust, which is then difficult to eliminate. Start with a bristle brush which is quite hard to take the dirt away (if there are marks, it is better to use a moist sponge with some neutral soap on it). With a small bristle brush, put some cream on he upper part, taking away the excess. Dip a moistened cloth (with water) in the polish (just a little) and spread it over the surface, moving one’s hand movements in a circular way, but without pressing down. In the end, once the polish has dried, with a soft brush, start to brush in one direction, then the other.


The obtain an intense and brilliant shine, use beeswax, putting it on with circular movements, with every application, the cloth must be moistened.


1. A pair of new shoes should not be worn more than two or three hours a day.

2. Once the foot is completely used to the shoe, the none can start to wear the shoes every day.

3. One must not wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days; shoes need to rest.

4. Always use a shoe horn to put shoes on.

5. Once the shoes have been taken off, put the wooden shoe trees inside (the plastic onesi f on holiday!) whichhave been made to meaure, even if the shoe is completely wet through.

6. Every time they are worn, it is recommended that the shoes must be cleaned and polished, even if they do not seem to have lost their shine.

7. Every time they are worn, it is recommended that the shoes must be cleaned and polished, even if they do not seem to have lost their shine.

8. Always use the highest qualty products. The leather of a shoe is delicate; it does not need shoe polish which covers the creases, buti t needs cream which nourishes and slows down the process of ageing.

9. Always use shoe polish of the nearest color to the shoes, never change it, avoid neutral which tends to make the upper part dull.